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To Your Health Newsletter

September, 2021 (Vol. 15, Issue 20)
Suffering From Knee Pain? Your Chiropractor Is Your Best Choice

New research confirms what people with the most common cause of knee pain know: chiropractic is effective in reducing pain, improving function and other key outcome measures.

Nutrition 101

The ABCs of Good Health: 10 Key Vitamins and Minerals

Movement Is Life

How to Avoid Sitting Too Much and Moving Too Little

Care for Kids

Antibiotic Use in Infancy Leads to Childhood Weight Gain

Rehab Corner

Treat Shin Splints ... and Make Sure They Don’t Come Back

Is Fitness More Important Than Weight Loss for Health?

We're in the throes of an obesity epidemic. While weight-loss programs abound, perhaps it's time to consider a more important factor when it comes to our health: fitness. Here's why.

Less Sleep = More Snacking

People who sleep less than seven hours a night are more likely to snack in the morning, less likely to snack in the afternoon, and overall, consume more snacks with greater calories and lower nutritional value.

Curb Kids' Screen Time Following a Concussion

The reason is simple and sobering: It could complicate their recovery, particularly within a crucial window of time – the first 48 hours. Let's look at new research.

Breastfeeding: A Life Saver

Breastfeeding benefits not only the baby, but also the mother - even reducing mom's risk of suffering a stroke later in life.

Coffee Reduces Arrhythmias?

Drinking coffee appears to reduce heart arrhythmia risk, particularly the risk of experiencing tachycardia: a rapid heartbeat.